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Top Level Commercial CMA Dishmachine Sales & Services

Ridgway Industries is one of Pennsylvania’s leading sources for disinfectants/air fresheners, floor care products, laundry products and services, cleansers/degreasers, kitchen products, and commercial dishwasher cleaners. We also sell high-quality CMA Dishmachines for your restaurants and cafés. Our Top level Commercial CMA Dishmachine Services begin from purchase up to your dishwasher’s usable life. We offer more than only innovative products, we also offer a number of services. If your dishwasher breaks down at unusual times, we offer 24/7 service on dispensing equipment and dishwashers. Not only do we offer free installation when you buy any of our CMA Dishmachines, we also offer free monthly maintenance and cleaning of equipment. You can be assured of quick repairs and service as we have a full inventory of dishwasher parts. If you don’t want to purchase a dishwashing machine from us, we also lease them at acceptable prices. As a restaurant owner or manager, one of your top concerns is providing clean glasses, flatware, and dishware for your customers. We offer quality CMA Dishmachines as well as Top level Commercial CMA Dishmachine Services in Pennsylvania and the Tri-State area. Visit our website and see what the best dishwasher for your restaurant is. You have the choice to buy or lease any of our CMA Dishmachines and we also have a whole complement of cleaning products for use together with your CMA Dishmachine.

Some CMA Dishmachines that you can buy from our website include:

  • CMA Dishmachines S-C Single Rack Low Temperature Corner Dishwasher 115V
  • CMA Dishmachines CMA-180-VL TALL Dishwasher 240V
  • CMA Dishmachines CMA-EST-VL Dishwasher